What girl doesn’t love yoga, right? Well, if you’d like to find a way to enjoy yoga while learning a new skill, try stand up paddle board yoga. The fun of yoga is increased on the open water.

sup_yoga 1Because the platform is not stable, as the floor is, you have to engage your core muscles much more. More work leads to more toned muscles. In addition, floating on the water decreases the stress on your body, especially your shoulders.

The most fun part is realizing your “cheats,” for example if you use muscles on your stronger side more than on the weaker side, your board will tip and you will get cooled off in the water.

It’s rejuvenating to be so in tune with the earth by aligning yourself with the horizon. Practicing Ocean Breath is something that soothes the mind. Another practice is Ujjayi Pranayama, which draws relaxing vibes from the sound of the ocean.

Many companies offer all inclusive SUP trips. You can also elect to add it as a day trip or one-time adventure. It’s so much fun, though, that you will want to go back every day of your vacation.

Costa Rica Girl’s Trip will help you find the right instructor and get you on your paddle board to try out SUP yoga.


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